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Invest Bulgaria Agency (IBA)

Invest Bulgaria Agency (IBA) is a government organization, established to attract and assists investment in Bulgaria. We help potential and existing investors explore the investment climate and opportunities in Bulgaria.

Our agency reports directly to the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. As a government institution, we have direct access to all Bulgarian government and local institutions to facilitate the entry and development of your business in the country.

The services provided by IBA are completely free of charge. We provide detailed information about doing business in Bulgaria; our services include site identification and selection, application for investment incentives assistance, contacts with suppliers and prospective business partners, liaison with central and local government, branch chambers and NGOs. We work with some of the leading consultants in the country, to provide most accurate and comprehensive information and advice about real estate, human resources and legal inquiries.

We want to encourage you check our website - Don`t hesitate to contact our team, we will be happy to assist you and provide you with the information you need.

German Embassy in Sofia Germany is one of the leading nations of the development of innovative and high quality automobiles. In order to maintain this position in the world market and further develop it, the German automotive industry has intensified their research in the field of electric mobility and electrified drives in the last years. Against the backdrop of ever-scarcer fossil fuels and the increasing need for mobility, the industry has recognized a high potential for growth and significant demand for innovation (e.g. German Hightech-Strategy).

The Federal Government has taken note with pleasure that the automotive industry has identified this trend early on. It is assisting them in the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies for the automotive construction by creating framework conditions that make these efforts be successful.

Bulgaria is becoming increasingly important for German companies in the production and development field of new technologies. The German Embassy Sofia is supporting this development actively, as a partner and mediator for German-Bulgarian projects and provides an important first source of information for both sides (Economy website of the German Embassy Sofia).

That is why the German Embassy in Sofia welcomes the initiative of the IACB to gather Key Players from the automotive world around one table and wishes the organizers the very best success!

German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Bulgarien) is a part of the worldwide network of bilateral German chambers. The Chamber supports the market interests of German companies in Bulgaria. At the same time it provides services to local companies which are involved in bilateral business and is active in the promoting of Germany as a business location for interested companies in Bulgaria. Under the service brand “DEinternational” the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce provides services which are globally harmonized as well as special services according to the requirements in Bulgaria.

The Chamber was founded in 2004 in Sofia and has more than 450 members. It is the only bilateral commercial chamber in Bulgaria based on an intergovernmental agreement. This year is going to be celebrated the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the first German commercial representation in Bulgaria.


AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION is the industry’s trade journal for the automobile and automotive supply industry. Published on a monthly basis, it is required reading at top management level – i.e. among board members and managing directors – as well as providing information for decision-makers and co-decision-makers in theareas of purchasing, development and production. Editorial staff research exclusive news relating to OEM strategies, trends in the supplier market, procurement methods and market developments in Germany. Reporting also focuses on key automobile markets throughout the world.

AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION provides a single source of all important information for management in the entire automotive sector as required for future-oriented decisions. The industry trade journal analyzes and interprets technological developments and measures to increase added value in the production creation process.

Special issues are regularly published to look at specific topics relating to automobile production in more detail, providing in-depth reports on the relevant trends, perspectives and background.

AUTO BILD Bulgaria

For 25 years AUTO BILD has been a competent adviser and partner for millions of European readers. It has achieved the same status since 2002 in Bulgaria where at present it has the biggest circulation and it is the most read car magazine. Every Thursday AUTO BILD presents the most interesting facts from the world of cars in a colorful, critical manner, accompanied by amazing photos, concise and informative text and unique comparison tables.

AUTO BILD offers professional analysis within a drop of paint to the newest models thanks to the highly objective car comparison tests or reports beyond the bumper giving useful advice to drivers.

Big and small tests of old and new models, tests of tires and car services, news and readers’ commentaries, information about attractive destinations and the insurance sphere – all this has its place on the pages of AUTO BILD. The magazine perceives cars through the attitude of the average driver and due to this especially in the years it has managed to gain a reputation of a competent and varied source of information.

BBC TopGear Bulgaria

BBC TopGear is the most authoritative motoring media.

BBC TopGear Bulgaria brings in high entertainment values and attitude, capturing a passion for cars. Its unique appeal is focusing not only on the car enthusiast, but at a broader audience, who wants to dive in the ocean of new models. BBC TopGear is also perfect for the girls and women, who are passionate for high octane gas and ultimate speeds.Finally, it’s all about having fun while showing the newest trends and events in the world of cars.

The magazine presents you everything about cars that happened during the month – full reviews of the latest models, commentaries on hot topics, the most interesting events and trends. Offers you also analysis by known auto-commentators, valuable advices and ideas, spot reports, interesting facts. In TopGear you can find also a thorough review of car models, features, their weak and the strong sides, the latest car series, professional commentaries and advices.

ICT Cluster

Foundation “Cluster Information and Communication Technologies” is a cluster initiative supporting emergence and development of clusters in the field of ICT in Bulgaria. ICT Cluster was founded in 2005 and its main objective is ICT SME growth and development through promotion of cooperation, building competitiveness and creation of new business opportunities.

ICT Cluster is recognized as one of the core centers of cluster knowledge in Bulgaria. It has the ambition to create and to be mentor of successful vertical clusters in different segments of ICT sector. As a horizontal organization ICT Cluster has members 2 sub clusters: Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications and Cluster Microelectronics and Embedded Systems and ICT Associations. The Foundation is a member of several European cluster platforms and networks and maintains very good relationship with many European and world clusters.

One of the main goals of the ICT Cluster is to stimulate and support dialog between state administration, enterprises and universities and research centers based on a triple helix approach.

Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster

EVIC is the only professional organization in Bulgaria, operating in the field of electric mobility.

The Cluster was registered in 2009 as a private Non-profit organization. Its members (over 45 organizations) are companies from different branches related to the electric mobility, some of the largest technical universities in Bulgaria, R&D organizations including the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

EVIC participates on expert level in directions like strategic development, technological development, changes in regulations, higher and vocational education and training, connection with the central and local governments, etc.

EVIC has also initiated the creation of the ''National Program for electric mobility - Bulgaria 2025''.

The main priorities of the cluster are cooperation between companies and organizations, related to the sector; supporting the development of a Bulgarian leader in the field of production of charging infrastructure for EVs; development of new production facilities; R&D activities; cooperation with the municipal and state administration, development and proposal of national and municipal policies and practices, etc.

The cluster has already made a great contribution to providing the necessary environment and adopting the necessary regulatory framework for the development of charging network for EVs and is closely working with all responsible and interested parties.


Ceauto is an Austro-Hungarian market research company, focusing on the Central European automotive industry. Ceauto specializes in:

  • industry statistics. Production and sales/registration for all the countries in the region, including Russia, Ukraine, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Moldova, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Turkey
  • In-depth knowledge of the Russian auto industry
  • Ceauto Newsletter: weekly newsletter on the Central and East European auto industry with OEM and supplier news and interviews with key executives.
  • Consulting services
  • Supplier databases as requested by the clients

  • Engineering Review magazine

    Engineering Review magazine is specialized periodical publication for recent technical, product and branch information in the fields of industrial products and technologies. After 15 years of strong presence in the being of the industry in Bulgaria, Engineering review can honestly be defined as the MAGAZINE OF THE BULGARIAN INDUSTRY. Covers the following topics: Electronics – Components – Circuit board design – Automations systems – Pneumatics – Hydraulics – Electrical equipment – Power supply – Test and measurement equipment – Software – Communications – CNC – HVAC – Lighting – Sensors – CAD/CAM/CAE – Security and identification systems – Industrial heating – Mechanical systems – Instruments, Materials, etc.

    The magazine is distributed in print edition as well as digital version through its website, personally requested e-mail newsletter. For more information, please visit:

    South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market

    South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine is an industrial products and services magazine for Southeastern Europe. The edition is printed in English and is distributed free of charge to experts from the industry in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey and Albania. Every issue of South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market features current product, technological and corporate news, reviews of products and systems, market analysis, information for interesting products in the region, key industrial exhibitions, etc. The magazine is distributed in print edition as well as digital version through its website, personally requested e-mail newsletter. For more information, please visit:


    The OWC publisher has been keeping readers up-to-date on the economic situation in Eastern and Central Europe for more than fifty years.
    The target regions of CEE/ GUS offer a wealth of opportunity for investors and exporters – even in difficult times. In recent years, western European companies have profited from this dynamism and have concluded thousands of contracts to supply, as well as establishing subsidiary companies in Bulgaria. And there’s no sign of the interest letting up. German, Austrian and Swiss companies are exploiting the business opportunities in this region more than ever before.
    Journalists with many years’ experience in foreign trade work at OWC, as well as professional marketing, graphics and IT specialists are producing top quality print and online publications on which you can base your assessments and market decisions.
    Ost-West-Contact as the main publication is the leading German-language business magazine focusing on nearly 30 markets: Russia, Central Asia, Caucasus, South-East Europe and the new EU members in Central and Eastern Europe. Country-specific and cross-border information is published practically based and clearly structured.



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